What are the new changes?

We are experiencing an increase on prices for materials, shipping, and even hourly rates. To keep our magazine affordable and the print alive, we have decided to make some changes that will lower everyone’s overall monthly costs.

Starting in 2024, COLORED PENCIL Magazine will publish quarterly with more content, added pages, updated sections, new subscriber perks, and free shipping for USA addresses.

Subscriptions will be updated and reduced, cutting monthly costs in half for some!

We hope this will be a financial relief to you and that you will continue supporting us to make this magazine better than ever!


2024 Delivery Schedule:

Spring Issue:  Ships February 27th / Emailed February 28th

Summer Issue: Ships May 27th / Emailed May 31st

Fall Issue: Ships August 27th / Emailed August 30th

Winter Issue: Ships November 27th / Emailed November 30th

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