Trouble Printing my Issue

All our digital issues have permissions set to print at 150 dpi. Here are a few things you can try if you are having trouble.

Close other programs.
Some large pdf files take a long time to process so you may just need to wait.
If other programs are open, this is using your memory and could prevent your file from printing.
(At least 2MB of RAM is recommended)

Restart your computer.
It could be that your resources are tied up and a fresh restart may be all that is needed.

Print as an image,
Select the PDF file, choose Print, and click on Advanced.
Under Advanced Print Setup tick the mark next to Print as Image.
(If you are using Adobe Acrobat that option is under Settings to the top of the Advanced Print Setup dialog box)

Download the PDF file.

If you are printing from a browser, save it to your hard drive.
If you have it saved to your hard drive, try saving it again or click Print>Save as PDF to recover the PDF file.
Open the new PDF and try reprinting.

Contact your Printer
Print 1 page of our PDF. Try another document.
If all of these fail, contact the maker of your printer for further assistance, or look to their troubleshooting guides.

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