How do I unzip a file on my iPad or iPhone?

If you need to open one of our zipped files (usually for complete collections), on your iPad or iPhone, follow these instructions . . .

When you download a zip file in Safari, your iPhone or iPad will offer to open it in the Files app

The Files app, added in iOS 11, supports zip files. You can open them, see their contents, and extract files without any third-party apps.

Tap “Open in Files” to do so. You can also save zip files to the Files app from other applications.
You’ll be prompted to choose a location for the zip file. You’re saving a copy of the zip file to this location.
Select a location—like your iCloud Drive or a folder on your iPhone—and tap “Add.”
Tap the zip file in your Files app to open it. Tap “Preview Content” to see the contents of the zip file.
You can view the contents of the zip file here. If the zip file contains multiple files, swipe left and right to switch between them.
To extract a file from the zip archive, tap the Share button and select “Save to Files” to save it to your files app, or tap an app to immediately send it to that app.

You can also view this page to see these instructions with pictures here.

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