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Each week we invite you to post your artwork on our Facebook page. This is a way to showcase your artwork to other visiting artists and where we scout for artwork to display in our Gallery section of the magazine. We get a lot of questions about the L&G posts so we wanted to take the time to answer a few of these questions.

Q: What are you looking for when you scout the Latest & Greatest?
We aren’t just looking for the most epic piece of artwork posted, nor the most popular. We are scouting for artwork that we simply love. We also sometimes try to tie a theme together so just because your art wasn’t selected for this month’s Gallery, doesn’t mean it won’t for a future one. It can actually come down to the subject matter or colors that we are looking for so please don’t give up or take it personally, your art may be exactly what we have been looking for!
Q: How do I know if I have been selected for the Gallery?
When we find a piece we think would fit into our Gallery we will contact you via Facebook Messenger. Be sure that you have your settings to receive a message for us and/or check your inbox regularly. We have very strict timelines and usually can’t move you to another month if you miss it.
Q: Can I post more than once?
YES! We always want to see what you are working on.
Q: How often can I have my art in the Gallery?
There are no limits per say, but we try to keep it to around once a year but sometimes we find a piece that we HAVE to have and throw those guidelines out the window.
Q: I don’t have a high resolution of my artwork, can I still post in the L&G?
You can still post your low-resolution work but if we invite you, you will need to have a high resolution, non-watermarked piece ready to go.
Q: How many images can I post a week?
We are not big on strict rules and hope that people will continue to be reasonable but I would say no more than 3, please.
Q: Can I post my Work-in-Progress images?
Yes, we love to see your WIP.
Q: I used a commercial photo for my reference, can I still post?
If you don’t own the rights to your own artwork, then you shouldn’t publicly post anything that infringes on another person's copyright. There are so many copyright free photos that I wouldn’t even bother to create from anything that is questionable. It can only mean trouble down the road.
Q: How new does my artwork have to be?
There is no timeline on the artwork you can post. We will actually be asking to see some of your old work soon.
Q: No one comments on my work, should I stop posting it?
No. We typically don’t comment as we have had other people get their feelings hurt when we didn’t comment on all the images but we really encourage YOU to comment and find that others will reciprocate with feedback to you as well.
Q: Do you choose all your Gallery pieces from the Latest & Greatest Posts?
Yes. At this time 100% of our Gallery is comprised of art posted here. We may have other ways to participate in the future but for now, we select from this pool alone.
Q: I am not interested in being published, can I still share?
Certainly! If we invite you, you do not have to accept but we would appreciate a reply declining so we can move on to invite someone else.
Q: When invited, why do you only give a few days to submit?
Running a magazine is very fast-paced and we have much to do in little time. We could invite 60 people all at once and be done with the year but we really try to wait until last minute to keep things fresh have the newest content. We also need to have time to move on to the next invite if we don’t hear back.
Q: I was invited, what do I do next?
First, reply that you are interested then visit
to send us a high resolution (300ppi), non-watermarked image and give us official permission to print:
Be sure to include title, size, materials used (optional) and website so we can link to you and an email to send you a digital copy of the issue, + 20% discount on the print version, as soon as it is published
Q: I was invited but how do I know if my image is good enough for print?
Make sure that your image is cropped, clear, sharp and that your colors look good. We can make minor adjustments but since we don't know what the original looks like, we can't just change the colors etc.
If you are unsure of the file size, just send the biggest file you have of your artwork and we will let you know.

I hope this helped answer some questions you may have had on this subject. We really do look at every single image and love to see the beautiful artwork and seeing the progress you are making. Thank you to all who participate and just want to remind you to like and comment on each other's artwork.
Let me know if you have questions not answered here, so I can update.
Share your artwork each Friday thru Sunday in the comment section of our Latest & Greatest Post no our Facebook page at:
Happy creating, happy posting!
Sally Robertson

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