How do I gift an item or a subscription?

When you check out, use YOUR BILLING and RECIPIENT'S SHIPPING address


  • Select any subscription and check the "THIS IS A GIFT" box.
  • You only need their email address. If you are buying a print subscription and know your recipient's address, proceed to check out then select "SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS?" to enter it.
  • In the event that a recipient does not have an account with COLORED PENCIL Magazine at the time of being gifted a subscription, an account will be created for them.
  • The recipient is emailed to notify them of the gift that will instruct them to log-in to set account details, including the shipping address for the subscription. 
  • The purchaser’s name will appear under the related order (No price or other information about the order or purchaser is visible)


The first time the new subscription recipient logs into their account, they will be prompted to enter their shipping address (if applicable) and change their password.

Go to My Account> Lost Your Password
Enter your email address.
You will receive a link to create a new password via email.
Login to change it to something easier to remember.

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