How do I view a digital issue on an Android device?

Android Phones & Devices (Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy, Nook, etc)

Devices running Android 2.3 and higher, you can read our PDF publication in your browser.

If you purchased your digital issue from our website, you can view and download all your digital purchases at MY ACCOUNT>MY DOWNLOADS
(First, log in using your email address)

On ANY Android Device you can read our PDF publication using the following instructions:

  1. Tap link for the digital version you want. A download icon appears in the status bar. The download arrow is animated until the download is finished.
  2. Open the status bar and tap the downloaded file item.
  3. Select which application you would like to open the file in.
  4. Read and enjoy in your PDF in the app of your choice.

Your file will be in your default download folder. For Nook, look in Library>My Files.

Google App

You can also download our GooglePlay app for Android devices. Visit or search for “colored pencil magazine”.
Please note, issues purchased on GooglePlay are at a discount but can only be read through the app - no PDF download is available.

Online subscriptions are NOT linked to the app.

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